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( ES, coloquial ) quedada ( AR, coloquial ) juntada reunión The. Fuimos juntos al teatro. All together (in chorus, in unison) todos a la vez all together (gathered in a group) todos juntos band together vi adv (join forces) unirse juntarse, aliarse ( ES, coloquial ) formar una piña The inhabitants banded together to fight the insect invaders. Get your shit together vulgar (live life seriously) aclarar las ideas de uno go out together vi phrasal adv (date each other) salir Alan and Julie are site de rencontre dunkerque going out together. Tomados todos juntos, sus problemas parecen ser agobiantes. Me despertó el ruido de tazas tintineando en la cocina de los vecinos. Go together vi adv (form a pair) ir con vi prep This gun and holster go together. Educate Together is a modern, dynamic charity that is redefining standards in inclusive, learner-centred education. Were now working to make sure this leads to proper funding for childrens palliative care services as well. Draw together vtr adv (unite) juntar reunir Vamos a reunir a un grupo de expertos para buscar una solución. In other languages: French Italian Portuguese Romanian German Dutch Swedish Russian Polish Czech Greek Turkish Chinese Japanese Korean Arabic. Come together vi adv (arrive at same time) llegar al mismo tiempo Since they ride the same bus, they always come together. Our schools are state-funded, child-centred and democratically run. WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2019: Compound Forms: act together vi adv (have an effect together) actuar en conjunto vi loc adv actuar juntos vi adj act together vi adv (collaborate) actuar mancomunadamente vi adv colaborar add sth together, add together sth and sth (calculate the total). Los líderes de equipo necesitan tener una reunión para discutir los problemas. Knit together figurative (medicine: join together, mend) cerrarse Broken bones usually knit together in about six weeks. Belong together vi adv (be well matched) ir bien Greens and pinks belong together in this decorating plan. Together with everyone who provides care and support to families, we are changing lives, so children and families can get the right support and make the most of every moment together. View all the challenge events. Debemos aunar esfuerzos si queremos ganar la batalla. Please give your money, your time or your voice, and help us change lives. Estos dos párrafos no encajan, no puedo entender qué relación tienen el uno con el otro. Gang together (act as a group) actuar como una pandilla gather together vi adv (form a group) reunirse Juan y sus amigos se reunieron después de muchos años. Reunirse juntarse Los líderes de equipo necesitan reunirse para discutir los problemas. Bind sb/sth together, bind together sb/sth vtr adv (cause to feel connected) unir Birds of a feather flock together figurative (people who are similar form groups) Dios los cría y el viento los amontona Dios los cría y ellos se juntan blend sth together, blend. Ir juntos vi adj Note : Solo en femenino si ambas cosas son en femenino La pistola y su funda van juntas. ( ropa, muebles, etc.

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Coloquial, otherwise we will lose each other. Together collectively, close together near to trouver une prostituée en lorraine one another juntos próximos If la petite fabrique sanary his eyes werenapos. Socialize juntarse verse Letapos, clump together sth, go together vi adv accompany one another ir juntos How about if I leave my car here and we go together to the party.

Die besten Karriere-Events & Messen für Studierende bis hin zu Professionals.Dein Partner für Studium, Berufseinstieg und Weiterentwicklung deiner Karriere.

Tenemos a toda la familia reunida. Aliarse Debemos juntarnos si together queremos ganar la batalla. She gathered the flowers together in a bunch. Share practice and offer together resources and tools to support your work with children and families.

Los habitantes se juntaron para luchar contra la plaga de insectos.These schools guarantee equality of access and esteem to students irrespective of their social, cultural or religious background.Your support can allow us to help families like the Hadmans, who lost their daughter Effie to Late Infantile Batten disease when she was just six.


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